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I love teaching first grade! I have been teaching at Metro North for about 18 years. I am married to Sean and we have two children, Eli and Emma.
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I am Mrs. Mary Donaldson and I teach second grade at Metro North Elementary. I love teaching especially this grade level.
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Show profile details from Laura MillsLaura Mills
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Hi! My name is Laura Mills. I love teaching and growing young minds. This will be my fifth year teaching! I'm excited to spend this year with all my first graders! We are going to have so much fun learning all we can. I am have been married for two years and have a little dog named Hudson. I am originally from Syracuse, Indiana and grew up around the lake. My hobbies are swimming, singing, and sometimes playing my guitar or piano. I attended Indiana Wesleyan University (Go Wildcats!) and completed my student teaching at Sharp Creek Elementary I fell in love with the town and people of Wabash. Please feel free to contact me with and questions or concerns.
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Show profile details from Tina RiggleTina Riggle
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Hello! My name is Mrs. Riggle. I teach third grade at Metro North Elementary School. Welcome to my website.
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Show profile details from Amy StearleyAmy Stearley
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Hello, I am Amy Stearley. After 27 years of teaching primary students, I can still say that every year I learn a little more: More about presenting information to children in a way that they can best understand and more about how to make learning an exciting experience for them. I guess that is why I feel it is so important to teach children to be life-long learners, because I am still learning, even at the age of 52. Not only do I learn from my students, but my own two kids also teach me so much every day. I have two children, Eric and Taylor. Eric graduated from Indiana University l with a degree in Journalism and is not the editor for The Paper of Wabash. Taylor is in her 4th semester at IU studying Nursing in Indianapolis. They have been the joys of my life, my biggest challenge, and my biggest fans! It is my goal to provide my students with the highest quality education possible so that they will be prepared to face each future educational transition with the tools, knowledge, and confidence necessary for success. I want to make learning fun and exciting for them so that they will enthusiastically embrace each learning opportunity that comes their way. When children leave my room, it is my hope that they take with them a solid foundation of academics and an eagerness to build upon that foundation.
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